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"Recruitment, retention and promotion of women in policing in the United States: A state of the art review."

~Dr. Carol Archbold

"Getting there: a case study from England and Wales."

~Dr. Jennifer Brown

"Recruitment, promotion and leadership: The experience of women police in the Australian context."

~Dr. Jacqueline Drew, Professor Tim Prenzler, and Detective Inspector Jason P. Saunders

"Is work life balance in policing an oxymoron?"

~Dr. Linda Duxbury

"Maternity leave policies and women’s representation in law enforcement around the world."

~Dr. Corina Schulze

"Breaking the Brass Ceiling: Where are Tomorrow’s Women Chiefs?"

~Dr. Dorothy M. Schulz

"Women in Policing: Professionalisation, Presence and Participation."

~Dr. Jenny Fleming & Dr. Marisa Silvestri

"Constrained Agency Theory: Understanding the Kairotic Moment as an Opportunity to Navigate Organizational Impediments in Policing."

~Dr. Tara O'Connor Shelley & Dr. Melissa Morabito

"On the Front Lines of Gender: Creating a Program for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Policing."

~Dr. Rebecca Sullivan & Superintendent Nina Vaughan (retired)

"Best practices in gender diversity."

~Dr. Bessma Momani & Dr. Rachael Johnstone

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